If you’ve been looking for a basement finishing contractor, the professional team at Northern Utah Basements is here to help. We provide a wide range of services for all your home improvement needs, from basement finishing to adding wet bars or craft rooms and much, much more. Basements may have a reputation for being these dark, foreboding levels of your home that you strive to avoid at all costs, but that doesn’t mean they need to live up to it. When you work with Northern Utah Basements, you can trust us to take care of every little detail and bring your vision for your home to life.

Detail-Oriented Service

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If you’ve been yearning for extra living space in your home, a finished basement can provide just that. Here at Northern Utah Basements, we can truly transform your basement into whatever kind of living space that you desire. Everything we do is completely custom and we spend a lot of time with our clients in order to ensure that every little detail of everything we do for you matches what you want. 

We understand how much of an investment finishing a basement is – the last thing we want is for any part of our work to be a disappointment to you. That’s why our team consists of highly trained professional contractors who really hold your hand throughout the entire process. After all, just having black handles on the drawers of your wet bar can convey an entirely different vibe than brass handles. Every little detail matters. 

That’s why we don’t cut corners or try to pressure you into a decision you’re uncertain about. We’ll guide you through every option available to you in order to ensure that every little detail fits your vision for your home. We’re not the cheapest basement finishing company in the area, and we’ll fully own up to that. You can trust us to be completely transparent with you throughout the entire process. Our testimonials show how much we work with our clients, and our gallery shows all that we can do to transform your basement into a space you’ll adore. 

We’re all about quality and detail, and that is something our customers are willing to pay more for, because when they work with us, they can rest assured that their finished basement is going to look just the way they envisioned it. 

Transform Your Basement

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There truly are endless possibilities for what can be done to transform your basement. Regardless of whether you know precisely what you want and all you need is for the pros at Northern Utah Basements to make that a reality or whether you have ideas but need guidance and consultation on what would work best for you, your needs, and your home, our experts are here to help. 

We provide a wide range of options for you to finish your basement. Some of the ways Northern Utah Basements can turn your basement from a dank, drab storage area to a beautiful, cozy living space include:

  • Basement Finishing. When you have us finish your basement, it turns from a level of your home that just takes up space to one that provides space for you.
  • Family Rooms. Family rooms are one of the most used areas of your home, so why not add one to your basement?
  • Theater Rooms. No need to go to the movies for that cinematic experience when we can install a theater room for you.
  • Kitchens. Nothing says convenience like multiple kitchens, or having your current kitchen remodeled to help meet your needs and specifications. 
  • Wet Bars. Add a space for fun and entertaining away from the kitchen with a wet bar.
  • Bathrooms. The more bathrooms in your home, the less fighting in your family over their use and the easier it is for guests. 
  • Workout Rooms. Why spend money on a gym membership when you can have a private home workout room completely customized to you?
  • Craft Rooms. Give yourself a private space to truly get in the zone and get crafty.
  • Storage Rooms. Home getting crowded and cluttered? We can build storage rooms to help you free up space.
  • Bedrooms. Regardless of whether you want extra guest bedrooms or your kids are sick of sharing rooms, we can add bedrooms to your home.

The Northern Utah Basements Difference

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What makes Northern Utah amazing? We don’t cut corners, we have highly trained professional contractors, and we really hold your hand through the whole process. We aren’t the cheapest, but we are among the best. Although ‘basements’ is in our name, we can add any of the previously mentioned rooms anywhere throughout your home. If you need basement finishing or have a home finishing project you want to ensure brings your vision to life, contact us today. We’d be thrilled to help.