Two kitchens in one house may seem excessive to you, unless it’s a multifamily house. However, having a second kitchen installed could be just what your home and family need, especially if you have multiple generations living in the same house – or if you simply want more convenience!

Here is what you need to know about some of the history behind two kitchens in one home, important considerations to bear in mind before having a second kitchen installed, and how two kitchens can benefit you. Let’s get into it!

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Where Did The Second Kitchen Come From?

Most homes only have one kitchen, which can make getting a second kitchen seem excessive. In truth, there’s quite a history behind second kitchens, as well as multiple options available to you.

Prior to second kitchens, there were serveries. These were counters where servers would pick up food in pubs. From there, they’ve evolved into multiple options.

You can have a little bar counter in your home, like a wet bar, where people can make drinks and get snacks away from your main kitchen. You can have a little coffee station put into a bedroom or living room area, like you see in hotels. You can have a kitchenette, which is basically a much smaller kitchen. 

Bigger or more luxurious households may separate the main kitchen from the prep kitchen. The prep kitchen is usually hidden away. Luxurious houses may also have two separate kitchens so that there’s one for the staff and one for the family. 

You can also have a second, full kitchen installed, either for convenience or so that multiple generations can live together in the same house with greater independence.

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Mind The Zoning Regulations

As wonderful as having two kitchens may be, it’s important to check the zoning regulations in your area and to obtain any necessary permits prior to having a second kitchen installed. This is because if you have two kitchens installed, it can cause your house to be designated as two separate residential units. If your area is only zoned for single-family homes, you may not be able to have a second kitchen installed.

If you have any questions about zoning regulations, you can check your local zoning laws. The home finishing company you work with should also be up to date on current laws and any changes that have been made, to ensure that any work done to your home is allowed. 

If the area you live in allows for two kitchens, then you can enjoy all the benefits that having another kitchen entails. If the area you live in doesn’t allow for this, there could be other options available to you, such as a wet bar or a kitchenette.

Top Benefits Of Two Kitchens

There are many benefits to having a second kitchen, from increased home value to convenience and more.

#1. Convenience

As previously mentioned, if you have multiple generations living in the same household, then having a second kitchen allows the separate generations to enjoy more independence. Being able to cook your own meals is a key factor to independence, so whether you have grandparents, parents, adult children, or grandchildren living with you (or all of the above!), having a second kitchen allows them to feel more independent. 

A second kitchen is also convenient, regardless of whether or not you live in a multigenerational household. For instance, if you are hosting guests in the basement, having a second kitchen allows you to quickly and easily prepare food and drinks without needing to run up and down the stairs. 

You can also have a second kitchen installed outside, so that you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors while you cook and entertain your guests. 

#2. Increased Home Value

A kitchen is one of the most crucial parts of a home – so much so that having one can distinguish a place as a residence. You see how zoning regulations can impact whether or not you’re allowed to have a second kitchen. 

Installing a second kitchen greatly increases the value of your home. This is especially true because the number of multigenerational households have been increasing as living expenses rise. During the pandemic, more and more people sought ways to make conducting their lives at home easier, such as by installing a home gym, another home office, and a second kitchen. 

In spite of increased demand for homes with two kitchens, they remain fairly rare, so having a second kitchen installed can increase the value of your home. 

Are You Considering Two Kitchens?

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