Every crafter knows how much space these sorts of creative endeavors take up. So, why not transform a spare bedroom, your attic, or part of your basement into a dedicated craft room? Whether you’re an experienced professional who crafts for a living or a hobbyist testing the waters and finding them quite enjoyable, it’s easier to create when you have the room to spread out and let your imagination run wild. Having a quiet space away from the rest of your home that you don’t need to constantly clean up can do wonders for your creativity and for keeping your house clean. 

Designing the ideal craft room can feel like an extensive project in and of itself. If you don’t like how your space is laid out or it isn’t inspiring to you, it can be harder to find the motivation to craft and use the space. Here, we’ve outlined a few different ways you can transform your space into your dream craft room so that it helps you bring your ideas to life. Let’s dive in!

#1. Create An Organizational System

Some people are inspired by clutter and find it easier to create when they don’t have to worry about making a mess. For many others, though, clutter can make it harder to find the motivation to create. If you can’t find those scissors or that paint, you can be discouraged from your project. Organizing your craft room doesn’t mean that it has to be pristine, but it can make it much easier to find the items you need for your projects.

If your craft room is part of your basement finishing project, you can have your home remodeler install storage spaces into the room itself, like recessed bookshelves in your walls or closets for fabric and the like. You can use all sorts of different storage systems and methods to organize your space. Labels and color-coding can make it easier to find that one colored pencil you need or that specific ball of yarn. 

You can really get creative with your organization, and even make it part of the room’s decor. Some people love bright colors and patterns in their craft rooms, while others prefer a more sophisticated and neutral space. You can adjust your organization according to your taste, be it brightly colored totes and shelves or natural, sleek alternatives.

#2. Build An Island

Whether you’re turning a spare room into your craft room or it’s part of your basement finishing, you may consider building an island so that you have a central space to get your work done. You can customize your island however you like, whether it be with a material that’s resistant to scratching or if it’s something eye-catching, like quartz. 

This can be ideal for those who love to sew and need a central space for their sewing machine. You can also have drawers installed in an island in order to maximize storage space and make it easier to find what you need, rather than needing to get up and walk around.

Of course, if you’d rather not make the commitment to an island, desks and tables work just as well as designated workstations. To ensure that they work well with your craft room, pick a material and design that compliments the rest of the room’s design and that won’t impair your creative process. 

craft room

#3. Incorporate Plenty Of Light

Especially if your craft room is in your basement or up in your attic, you want to ensure that you have plenty of light for your work. Artificial light is fine, but it just doesn’t brighten the space in the same way natural light does. Windows are ideal, but if you need some more light than what your windows provide, there are other options available to you.

You can get daylight lightbulbs that provide you with softer, more natural light than lightbulbs usually do. Having lamps on your dedicated workstations ensures that you can clearly see what you’re doing. Lighting can be a decorative feature in and of itself. Fairy lights add a sense of whimsy, and you can get some that are shaped like flowers or little lanterns to bring life into your space. 

#4. Create A Pegboard

Pegboards are wonderful for storage and decor and as a way to set your craft room apart from the other rooms in your home. You can opt for classic white or a fun color to make a statement piece that’s also fully functional. Pegboards are great for crafters because they allow you to hang up materials that you’ll need easy access to. You can also hang pictures and other decor on them so that they can add personality to your space. 

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Do You Need A Dedicated Craft Space?

Northern Utah Basements is here to help you build the craft room of your dreams. In our basement finishing and home finishing projects, people can ask for a craft room to be added. Everything that we do is fully custom, so we can ensure that your space meets your specifications. Contact us today to learn more about our home finishing services.