If you’ve been looking for a way to make working out more convenient, a home gym can certainly do that for you. Home gyms can be an excellent way to work out in private and reach your fitness goals, especially if you create a home gym that inspires you and makes it easier to get yourself up and going. In order to ensure that your investment saves you money in the long run, you want to create a home gym tailored to your preferences. If your home gym is crowded or dark or you have to trudge through the snow in the winter in order to get to it, you likely won’t use it much. 

Here are some ways you can create a home gym that you’ll actually want to use.

create a home gym

#1. Put It Somewhere Sensible

You want to have enough space to do your preferred workouts and you want enough light to motivate you. For some people, this means a spare bedroom. For others, it means down in the basement. For others still, it means a shed in the yard. Where you put your home gym, make sure that it’s somewhere easily accessible and somewhere that is easy to use and access. 

For instance, if you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow and rain, you may not be the most motivated to use your home gym if doing so means having to brave the elements to get to your garden room or shed or garage first. However, if you’re someone who really values peace and quiet, the elements may not be much of a barrier to you.

If you have a pool, many people like to combine a pool house with a home gym to get the most out of their space. You want to take into account both the space you have on hand and your personal attitude towards exercise when deciding where your home gym should go.

#2. Light And Ventilation

You want to create a home gym that has enough ventilation to keep it from getting stuffy and smelly and that has light so that you can do your workouts safely. For many people, this means picking a room with windows that let natural light in and that you can open to get some fresh air circulating.

You may also add some fans to the space. If you are someone who likes to switch up the types of workouts you do or if different people in your home like to do different types of workouts, you may opt for adjustable lighting. That way, your home gym can be bright and energized while doing HIIT and then calmer and dimmer while practicing yoga.

create a home gym

#3. Consider How Much Space You Need

Depending on the types of workouts you prefer, you may need more or less space. If you want a personal yoga studio, you don’t need that much space. You just need enough space to lay down your mat and not feel cramped in. However, if you like weights, want cardio machines, or prefer more HIIT-type workouts, you’ll want to create a home gym that has the space to accommodate that. 

No one wants to work out somewhere they feel like they don’t have enough room to move around in. That’s why many people put their home gyms in their basement or in their garage. Consulting with a home finishing professional like Northern Utah Basements will ensure that you have enough space and that your home gym looks just the way you want it to.

#4. Consider Soundproofing

You could create a home gym that brings your ideal workout space to life, but if you’re worried about waking other people up or being disruptive, you’ll be less inclined to use it. You’ll want to consider soundproofing in the walls and in the flooring so that you can work on your fitness without having to worry about being loud. Many gyms use rubber flooring because it is safer to walk on and helps to lessen the noise of cardio machines and weights being set down.

#5. Ensure You Have Storage

If your workout gear is strewn all over the place, this both presents a safety hazard and can make you less motivated to use your home gym. When you create a home gym, ensure that there’s some type of storage system in place to keep it clean and organized. Weight racks keep weights off of the floor and a basket can be used to store yoga mats and blocks. You can repurpose a bar cart for water bottles, towels, and equipment.

If floor space is a concern of yours, you could opt for vertical storage instead. Pegs on the wall can be good for hanging up resistance bands and foam rollers. Recessed bookshelves give you somewhere to store balls and whatever other gear you need.

#6. Curate It To Your Aesthetic

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It’s not enough to have a designated workout space with the equipment you need. You want it to be a pleasant space that you’ll actually like to spend time in. When you create a home gym, keep home design in mind. Mirrors can open up the space, as well as let you check on your form. You can use wallpaper that makes it feel like you are outside or opt for a calming paint color instead. Your environment plays a huge role in inspiring you, so ensure that you create a home gym that motivates you and that you like spending time in.

#7. Stick With Equipment You Know You’ll Use

It’s common for people to create a home gym with all sorts of equipment that just ends up gathering dust. In order to ensure that you’ll use the space, stick with the equipment that you know you’ll use. If you’re not a runner and you don’t like walking, a treadmill probably isn’t the best choice for you. If you prefer pilates to weight-lifting, investing in kettlebells and the like likely won’t be worth it to you. If you love rowing, a rower would probably be a great investment. If you like home workouts, a mat, some dumbbells, and space to workout are a must. 

It’s your home gym, which means you can specify it however you like. Northern Utah Basements is here to help you create a home gym you’ll actually want to use. Everything that we do is completely customizable, so you can rest assured that we can design a space for your home gym that brings your dreams to life. Contact us today to learn more about our home finishing services.