If you have recently bought a home or have an unfinished basement in your current home, it’s time to take the leap and take part in basement refinishing. Finished basements have benefits that can help your family or the residents can come after you. 

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Basements offer tons of versatility and creative freedom for you to take advantage of. There are some tips and best practices for working in your basement. Basement refinishing can be a significant process. Trusting a professional company to help with your basement remodel will help you avoid problems and get the job done quickly. Here are some things to consider and ask your construction provider about. 

1- Wise Investment

Although the price may seem high when doing basement refinishing, the investment for updating your basement is high. Finished basements increase the value of your home, so when you are ready to sell, you can get more money because of the added space and functionality. 

If done right a basement will be one of the most comfortable and energy efficient spaces in your home. It can add another room to your home and increase the storage space. Increasing the value of your home makes living there easier, but also gets you more money when your house hits the market. 

2- Increase Your Living Space

One of the biggest benefits you should consider is the extended living space. Having your construction company give you options for creating a safe space. A professional will also know all the structural needs for a basement, which differ from the needs of the upper levels of your home. 

Having a living space in your basement provides more privacy and when you work with Northern Utah Basements we will give you exceptionally well-designed, durable and long-lasting basement refinishing.

Another option is to create a rental space in your basement. Creating an apartment to rent to renters can increase your income and can help out family or friends in need. 

3- Remember The Storage

One thing that residents overlook when designing a basement remodel is the need for storage. Adding some cabinets, shelves or other storage options to your basement makes sure that all of your items have a home. 

Creating a safe storage space in your basement may help protect important documents or valuables from flooding damage, theft or other natural disaster. Having dedicated basement storage keeps your other spaces more clean and helps you to know exactly where everything is located. 

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4- Design Strategically 

When working through a basement refinishing process, consider putting bedrooms you are adding to the perimeter of the basement. This can ensure that all bedrooms have a window to make the most out of natural light. Bedrooms without windows can seem stifling and extra dark. 

If your basement is going to be a game room or a home theater, then it may be less important to add natural lighting downstairs. 

If your basement is small, there are strategic ways to make the most out of the space. Consider pieces that are scaled appropriately and make the most of storage. Small basement refinishing will definitely need natural lighting to help them feel larger as well as using lighter colored paint and furniture. 

5- Creative Reign

Basement refinishing come with multiple options. You can create a new living space, a theater room, a wet bar, a home workout space and more! Northern Utah offers all of these services and can help create a structurally sound space for you to enjoy. 

A basement also allows you to make a creative space that is not at the center of your home. If you have been wanting to try some new colors, a new interior design trend or a custom design you can create your dream with a basement remodel.

If you are having trouble getting started, we have photos of past projects on our website to help you spark your imagination. 

6- Choose Flooring Wisely 

Since the basement is located on the lowest floor of your home, it is possible that you could experience leaks. No one wants to experience leaks or water damage, but choosing a high quality flooring like tile or laminate can help avoid severe water damage. Carpets may make a space feel more warm and homey, but if you do choose that option, make sure that there is no chance for flooding before you install. 

7- Ventilation

Another important health aspect to keep in mind is ventilation since the basement may be mostly underground. Basement refinishing should include good ventilation to help keep your home healthy. The correct ventilation can help toxins, smoke or gasses escape from the space. Refinishing your basement is a perfect opportunity to install a system but should be done by a professional to ensure that ventilation is perfect. 

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Why Hire A Professional

It is important to hire a professional and take advantage of their vast knowledge about basement refinishing. Construction and designers know the best materials to use for your exact home, and what fits your budget. Basements tend to be more susceptible to moisture and mold growth, so the material used has to be mold and moisture-resistant. 

Like the rest of your house, there are safety codes and rules that need to be followed to make sure that basement refinishing is up to code. There are specific measurements for the height of windows, covering window wells, flame resistant material, installation of smoke detectors, ceiling heights, electrical and more. Hiring a professional will help to make sure that you do not miss any important safety protocols and your home will pass an inspection. 

Basements provide a variety of fun and productive spaces that increase the value of your home. With Northern Utah Basements, we offer free home evaluations to help you determine how much your refinish will cost and how much it can increase the value of your home.